Empire Solutions leverages its unique intellectual capital to help companies of all sizes find innovative solutions to corporate communications challenges. We focus on driving tangible results while making the companies we serve more visible, more capable and more profitable. We work in a hands-on way with your team to help ascertain problem areas and pinpoint avenues for improvement.

Our objective is to grow your business. We can provide guidance to help increase efficiency, enhance brand power, create value and determine shifts in strategy. As an external party, we can take a fresh look at your operation. Empire Solutions completes a competitive analysis and leverages the power of information to adjust marketing, performance and resource allocation to ensure you hit your growth targets.


We literally wrote the book on this. Governing is about making choices to advance the goals of your constituency. Good government decision-making combines the best concepts of the private sector, public affairs, brand management and strategic communications. Empire Solutions helps governments understand perceptions and make connections with both internal and external stakeholders. The end goal is to make smarter decisions that have a positive impact.

From domestic policy issues like the environment and tax policy to delicate international relations and encouraging foreign investment, Empire Solutions can help governments develop new courses of action for the betterment of those who matter most – people. We can tackle the most complex challenges, most volatile environments and most complex perception issues to help governments communicate better, become more effective, more efficient, and a more potent force for the betterment of its varied constituencies.


Empire Solutions offers a range of strategic and support expertise for your non-profit organization or campaign. From fund-raising to building critical relationships to recruiting volunteers and partners, the nonprofit world is beset with challenges and opportunities. Your mission is our passion - whether it's is a public policy campaign, political campaign or charitable organization, we can help ensure you grow and achieve.

We've helped build national grassroots groups from the ground up and helped existing organizations handle challenging times. We've taken campaigns in trouble and turned them into effective operations that raise more money, communicate more effectively and mobilize more supporters. Empire Solutions also helps organizations work more closely with partners in business, government and the community to advance their goals.


Your reputation is your most important asset. Regardless of your industry, building your credibility and relevance continually is critical to your success. At Empire Solutions we can build your personal brand, help insulate your good name and rehabilitate reputation after a crisis. Talk to us about how we can help you grow and achieve in a challenging - and often harsh - media environment.