Management Consulting

Empire Solutions provides a wide range of management consulting services primarily to small and mid-sized companies. Our results-oriented solutions, senior-level counsel and hands-on mentoring to companies are designed to provide first-class services at lower cost. We specialize in areas including capital structure, internal and external communications, marketing, operational improvements, recruiting, business transition services and exit opportunities.

We know it takes more than financial support to create a successful, sustainable business that stands the test of time. We listen. We analyze. We advise. We approach each engagement as if the company was our own – with honesty, high energy, and commitment. Our team understands that running a small or mid-sized business requires difficult decisions about where to invest capital and resources. For each assignment, we take a multi-disciplinary approach, forming a team tailored to the client’s specific requirements and then working collaboratively to add value.

Our management team will leverage their extensive professional experience for business owners, senior management and companies looking to start, expand, transition or improve their businesses. With our proven processes and innovative solutions, we help businesses increase efficiency and reduce costs.


  • Business process reviews
  • Sourcing investment opportunities
  • Performing due diligence and business valuations
  • Family-owned business transition planning
  • Conducting deal and contract negotiations
  • Preparing and reviewing deal documents
  • Providing interim management
  • Tax credit financing and analysis
  • Serving as corporate advisors to senior management and Boards of Directors
  • Marketing strategy
  • Internal and external corporate communications
  • Government relations

Crisis Management

Anticipate the problem. Solve the problem. We’ve been in the frying pan – so we can help keep you out of it.

A crisis is not just an obstacle to your goals. It is often the result of a failure to anticipate a problem. We at Empire Solutions help you anticipate problems and develop coherent courses of action to resolve them – before they affect your bottom line or reputation. We understand that crisis planning requires internal and external communications practices to ensure your organization remains functional, confident and profitable throughout challenges that may arise.

When a true crisis does arise, we have the experience to minimize impact and rehabilitate quickly. Empire Solutions brings you the experience of having dealt with major incident crisis management.

Message Development

Control the Agenda. Crafting the appropriate message for one or multiple audiences is an art form and vital to your success. After reviewing your special needs and goals Empire Solutions can develop messages for each constituency or stakeholder group. Messages must make a connection with the audience on both a rational and emotional level. As the communicator of an idea, you want people to think, believe, act, and feel as passionately as you do about your cause.

Strategic message development means simply using the right words for the right people. Even a few minor changes to an existing messaging can better connect with the values of your audience. We can analyze your messaging to ensure it will effectively penetrate the audiences desired and assist in promoting a long-term successful communications plan. We can also start from scratch, creating new messages that resonate and help you achieve your goals.


It’s like water for brands, issues and ideas. We need it to survive and thrive. It's part of everything we do. At Empire Solutions we recognize that digital strategy indispensable but it is only as good as the other strategies and tactics that support it. Organizations often believe that social-digital communication is a panacea. It must be fully integrated into a larger strategy to enhance your message and your brand. Our team makes your digital strategy more efficient and effective through that integration.

We’ve proven our effectiveness in building brands online. We know the latest techniques to ensure your message has impact and stretches your online advertising dollar.

Brand Management

Make Your Mark. Your brand is your reputation. It is your most valuable asset. At Empire Solutions we use our experience in marketing, public relations, strategic communications and business strategy to craft multi-dimensional approaches to growing your brand. Our goal is to help you develop the credibility with your targets that ultimately will yield lifetime loyalty. Whether your target is broad or specific - consumers, investors, industry, opinion-leaders, or the general public - we help you harness your ideas into brand power.

Our range of services can fit all types of brand needs from earned media to reputation management and digital advertising to creating unique thought leadership platforms. We know how to help you make your mark. We've build brands from scratch in competitive fields and we've rehabilitated and re-energized existing reputations. We've changed perceptions and have helped clients develop new momentum. No matter the arena – if you're in it, we are ready to utilize our deep well of expertise to grow your brand.

Media Relations

Get Noticed. Whether you need to reach a targeted area or play in multiple media markets at once, Empire Solutions has experience with high profile issues and the high stakes game of media relations.

Building, developing and maintaining strong relationships with the media is essential to the success of most any product, policy or proposal touching the public domain. We live in a media-driven society that provides little room for error when delivering a coherent, strategic message.

Empire Solutions can provide you, your business, or your cause with the guidance necessary to build successful relationships with print, broadcast and other electronic media. We will work with you to develop a tailored strategy that will earn your message the coverage it deserves.

Grassroots Outreach

Whether you want to build a building or raise the profile of an issue or cause, you need to make a personal touch with interested parties. That means targeted outreach - often neighborhood by neighborhood. Empire Solutions has built national grassroots organizations and helped companies and non-profits reach people at the micro-level. We know how to manage perceptions, mobilize surrogates, grow a base of supporters and create momentum so you can succeed. Talk to us about how to "go micro" and create a movement around your brand.

Event Management

Create an Atmosphere. Nothing says that you or your organization is committed and professional like a well-run, well planned event.

Empire Solutions brings decades of experience in planning high profile events to your cause, campaign or business venture. From large-scale media events to small meetings, we can ensure that you convey your message, protects your interests and realize your return on investment every step of the way.

Our network of planners have designed and produced events for Presidents, Popes, entertainers and organizations that have gained international attention. Lights, sound, staging, media facilities, distributed materials, program, protocol, message placement, vendor coordination, and event execution are all part of our full-service approach to creating powerful atmosphere.

Content Creation/Editorial Services

Words Still Matter. In a world dominated by imagery, the written word is increasingly taking a back seat-- but well-written content that captures the reader's or listener’s attention is essential to meeting your objectives. Empire Solutions can help you use the carefully-crafted written word to articulate your values and your goals. At Empire Solutions, we pride ourselves on our experience in writing for success.

We can paint a picture with words, or provide concise analysis. We've written and developed content for major newspapers, online publications, magazines, speeches, opinion pieces, media releases, promotional materials, mailings, and web sites for clients of all types. We bring the experience of speechwriting for major public figures to your business or organization. With our help, your audience will listen.

Direct Mail

It Still Works. Well-planned, eye-catching mail campaigns that resonate with your audience can be an important tool toward driving credibility, attention and response. At Empire Solutions, we've designed hundreds of mailers that boost credibility, message penetration and response rates. We know how to get attention in the mailbox and use the medium efficiently and effectively to complement digital or other communications tactics.

At Empire Solutions we see public speaking as an art; one that unfortunately is mastered by few in today's world of sound bites. We also understand that public speaking frequently ranks among peoples' greatest fears. We have the expertise to train even the most apprehensive speaker to be an effective advocate for your cause.

Branding/Graphic Design

Your brand is your calling card. It's the first way you communicate with your customers or other audiences. Our designers work with you to create a whole new brand or refresh existing graphics to make them more effective. We pride ourselves on being current, creative and faithfully integrating the components of your brand into your operations to drive brand affinity. Whether it's one project or a whole new style sheet, we have the know-how to get it done without breaking the bank.

Media and Speaker Training

Take Command. Conveying your message successfully requires an understanding of how to articulate your message to the media including print, broadcast and digital journalists. Each medium is different and requires different skills from the spokesperson. Even one mistake can be damaging to your brand and bottom line. Once a message is developed it must be conveyed with the right blend of passion and confidence to be credible. CEOs, managers, lawyers, advocates, and professional spokespersons can all use the critical ear and eye that comes with our public speaking training program.

Empire Solutions will train you and your staff to handle the tough questions and convey your message with clarity and confidence. We have the experience with local, national and international media to turn you into a powerful mass communicator.